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Organisational Design

Big Thinking

Unfortunately, as we’re focusing on delivering commercial results for our clients, we’d rather not spend too much time designing an award winning, multi link, state of the art website. Our clients find this far more beneficial to them than sophisticated HTML.
Our philosophy focuses on delivering what’s important to you – not us.

Strategy Support

By truly understanding the DNA of our clients around the world, we can deliver true commercial benefit to them, so we’ve left building the website until another day – we’ve found that is more important to our clients than our own hyperlinks.

Capability Development

When we do build that award winning website, we’ll tell you how we are a fresh, but experienced, management consultancy.


We’ll tell you about our consultants, who only make the businessDNA team if they have delivered at a senior position within blue chip companies themselves, and have actually been successful at doing the job. So you get commercial professionals, not career consultants.


We’ll wax lyrically about how we’ve worked in 30 countries around the world, in both global blue chip companies and small entrepreneurial one- man bands, the common denominator being an absolute change in performance in our clients that actually makes a commercial difference.


And we will have aesthetically pleasing links that use great consultancy phrases such as ‘outside the box’ and ‘paradigm shift’, so you can see how clever we think we are.


Or perhaps not. But until then, please email us on:-


or call us on +44 (0)1628 789985

Customer Marketing

Then have one of our consultants talk to you about your challenge and how we might be able to help. Because how can we tell you how we can help with your needs until we understand the DNA of your business?

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